Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per Pay Per Click AdvertisingClick (PPC) Search Engine Marketing allows you to quickly and efficiently expose your business to an enormous population of potential clients and generate leads for your business.

Your business marketing goals are what we use as the foundation of our Pay Per Click campaigns.  We can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing investment and bring you highly qualified potential clients to your website.  Our qualified and tested Pay Per Click advertising professionals will develop a complete advertising strategy to help target the right customers for your business.  We will then manage these campaigns to ensure you stay competitive and continue to see an excellent return on your investment.

We are one of the few Pay Per Click advertising agencies in Orange County, California who are both Google Partners and Bing Ads Accredited Professionals.

Let us show you how we can build your online advertising and reduce your cost per customer acquisition.

We offer complete Pay Per Click online advertising capabilities including: Search PPC, Display, remarketing, video, and more.

Our program starts with research:

  • We begin by doing a client needs evaluation.
  • Then we perform company and competitor research related to all aspects of advertising and marketing, current and past.
  • We create a detailed plan with agreed upon goals and metrics.
  • Included in this plan are Pay per Click account recommendations.
  • If we need to, we create new client advertising accounts on the various PPC platforms.
  • The next step is detailed keyword research and analysis including competitor keyword, spend, and advertising ranking.
  • We create variety of ads based on our experience and research to begin ad testing and optimization.
  • We work with any existing development staff to optimize website pages to maximize sales potential.
  • We help Install tracking codes on websites to evaluate ad performance.
  • Based on previous research we plan necessary geographic, demographic, placement, and other targeting methods.
  • We evaluate the business and test to implement necessary ad scheduling.
  • Our plan is developed to ensure initial short term results and long term profitability and performance.

Our ongoing program includes:

  • Managing bids daily to ensure we are constantly taking advantage of competitive opportunities and always seeking to improve sales and efficiently utilize advertising budgets..
  • We will constantly be creating and testing new ad variations to improve the performance of the campaigns.
  • Developing new programs and tactics such as retargeting campaigns and ad extensions to maximize search engine results page exposure and results.
  • Suggesting new landing page variations and testing for results.
  • We provide comprehensive reporting to clients outlining the details of their advertising spending.

Let us show you how profitable pay per click advertising can be.