Brand And Position

Brand Position And Identity


Do you stand out from the crowd?  What makes your company unique?  Is there a reason people should buy from you instead of your competitors?

How a company is perceived by customers and potential customers is directly related to the attributes and identity people associate with the company.  These are a direct result of the development of the company's brand.  The essence, attributes, identity, and positioning of a brand directly affect the perception of quality which influences purchase decisions and helps engender loyalty.

We become involved in all aspects of helping a company develop their brand.  This includes naming, identity, and messaging. We then help apply the brands messaging through marketing collateral and campaigns.

We produce a brand identity and turn that into an effective brand marketing campaign.

Let us help you create and manage your brand identity to distinguish you from the competition and help communicate your unique selling proposition to potential customers.

SumTotal Marketing will help you develop the appropriate brand identity to speak to your target markets and help you position yourself to better compete in the marketplace.  Don't leave your reputation to chance.

We would love to work with you on developing your companies brand and positioning.  Even better, we can show you how you can integrate brand and positioning  into your overall marketing program.  Contact us for more information on how we can help get you started.