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We provide you complete marketing consultant services:

This includes all types of traditional and online marketing including: Search Engine Optimization (Getting you found in search engine results.), Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click and display advertising online) , Social Media Marketing, E-mail & Newsletter management, Print, Media, Demand Generation, Lead Development & Nurturing, and more. We are a Southern California marketing consulting firm, based in Artesia, California.

What are you looking for in a marketing consultant?

We offer a full range of marketing consultant services to meet your needs. We can help you develop your brand identity and positioning, create a strategic plan, develop and optimize appropriate tactics to achieve the goals, and report on the results of our efforts as we go.

Find out how we can help you get more leads and drive more sales!

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We help you create and execute a marketing plan

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Work With Pros

Work with our team to create the marketing plan that's right for you.

Improve your results

Improve you ROI, get more customers, and get the results you want.

Achieve your goals

Grow your customer base and reach your companies desired goals.

internet marketing

SumTotal Marketing is here help with all your digital marketing. We are a leader in all aspects of digital marketing.

brand and positioning

Stand out from the crowd. We help in all aspects of developing a brand. This includes naming, identity, and messaging.

Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising comes in many forms, and when combined with new technologies are still very effective.

Marketing Automation

We'll set up an automated demand generation, lead scoring, nurturing, tracking, & follow up system for your company.

Public Relations

Public Relations allows for the creation and distribution of your stories across a wide array of mass media.

Promotional Marketing

Product and service promotions can be one of the most effective ways to put your company in front of the public, and provide incentives to buy


You see marketing and advertising as an investment in the future of your business.  In order to maximize the return on this investment we need to integrate our marketing activities into your sales systems.  Where its needed, we can help you develop better sales tracking and management systems to complement our marketing efforts.  Good tracking is essential to proper management of any campaign used to promote your business.  It is our goal to help your small business succeed.  If you don’t experience greater success because of our efforts, SumTotal Marketing doesn’t succeed.

SumTotal Marketing follows a simple path:

This means we will work with you to evaluate and plan your marketing and advertising programs.  Then we will take the necessary actions to help you achieve the return on investment results from these promotional efforts that you are seeking.  Finally we will verify that the desired results were achieved with a variety of analytics tools.

Hiring an online marketing agency or online marketing consultant can be a daunting task for medium and small businesses.  When we work with a client we spend a great deal of time upfront to analyze their marketing and advertising needs and determine the best courses of action.  In our discovery phase our marketing consultants sit with you and begin by determining your goals, target marketing, buyer personas, and competition.  We then analyze this data and incorporate it into a customized strategy that our marketing agency can execute for you.

Whether your company sells products or services to consumers or other businesses it is important that your marketing partner understand your business marketing needs and is able to properly plan and act of this information to ensure you receive the maximum return on your marketing and advertising investment.

If you are looking for a marketing consultant we are here to help.  If you are looking in the Southern California area for a marketing consultant in Orange County or Los Angeles County we are available for face to face meetings to discuss your needs.  If you are based outside the Southern California area and looking for a marketing consultant, please contact us and we can set up an introductory phone meeting.